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Business sustainability expert programmer, inventor; Founder: Eco-Purse®, Aviation park of India Apoi®, QuKya® IINM® eDronePad®, IePoi®, and EcoTv.in

Inventor; devoted to resolving challenges of humanity; Author of Book series

"Landscape Mega to Micro"

Book #1.

Sone Ki Chidiya Era

How to bring back in our home? (100 % earth’s landscape)


Book #2. Boom to doom

Indus valley civilization

a landscaper’s perspective (3 % earth’s landscape)

Book #3.


(0.000002 % earth’s landscape)

Book #4. Produce

golden bricks

from home (0.00000002 % earth’s landscape)

Book #5

Aatmotthan आत्मौत्थान सम्भव है (Mental landscape)

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

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1. India was one of the richest and strongest economies few thousand years ago! What were the reasons for its deterioration?
2. If India was so advanced in the past, why did it get invaded repeatedly?
3. What college/university/course should I join for a better future?
4. What will happen if all NRIs return to India?
5. Is India ever going to get ahead of U.S. in anything?
6. What will India be like in 2030?
7. Career Advice: How can I earn Rs.10 lakhs per year?
8. Can India's economy reach on 1 dollar 1 rupee?
9. How can we as citizens of India contribute to the development of India and make it a superpower?
10. Why is India called as the nation of festivals?
11. Could Ashoka have defeated Alexander?
12. Can History be a set of lies agreed upon?
13. India was called a golden bird. There are a lot of examples of great inventions and discoveries in India. So what went wrong with India, that it has come to nowhere?
14. Why do Indians become cowards when it comes to defending their rich culture and values?
15. How can I work in a Mumbai-based tech start up?
16. Will there be a global recession in 2016? If yes, how would it affect India?
17. How can youth contribute in making India the largest economy in the world?
18. Why was India known as the Golden Bird (Sone ki Chidiya) in the ancient times?
19. Ajay Saxena's answer to Raghuram Rajan says India has a long way to go to become a global growth engine. But Narendra Modi says it will be done in 5-10 years. Who is right about his prediction?
20. Future of India: Who are our leaders and whom are we following?
21. Why some people get everything very easily and some don't get even after so much hard work?
22. India was very rich before British rule. Why is India still a developing country now? What happened to the rich resources we had?
23. Can disabled students work in IT Companies?
24. Can we find another Abdul Kalam in India?
25. Is the population density of India still a roadblock for her development? Why is it still called a developing nation?
26. Is religion the actual problem of why India is still a developing nation?
27. What college/university/course should I join for a better future?
28. Is architecture better or civil engineering for future career prospects in India?
29. Why in current scenario package of CA 's are less? On the other hand, CA is the toughest course. Why is it so?
30. How can you change the model of engineering education in India if given a chance?
31. What is the best job for B. Com students to build a good career?
32. How can I make money online? Even if it is not so easy, will it be paying me good?

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