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Today’s agenda

Are the tasks on today’s agenda worthy of our life?

Am I sure today; not committing CRIME of Carrying Relatively Insignificant Mission every day?

We have brain in our head
We have feet in our shoes
We can navigate ourselves
In any direction we choose

Be not afraid going slowly; but only afraid of standing still.

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago…. The second best time is today.

Take a concrete step towards an important goal today.

About author: Ajay Saxena

Business sustainability expert programmer, inventor; Founder: Eco-Purse®, Aviation park of India Apoi®, MahishAalay®, eDronePad®, Fp®, eGazak® and

Investor; devoted to resolving challenges of humanity; Author of Book series

"Landscape Mega to Micro"

Book #1.

Retirement@26 By Ajay Saxena

Who should read “Retirement@26” book

1. It is for Failures who had ever confronted accident, debt, disease, Dahej, dilemma or anxiety.

2. It is also for those who want to do something really good and bigger for themselves

3. Who want to enjoy prosperous family life?

4. Who want to become foundation for the better society?

5. Who want to achieve self growth via progress of their mother-land?

Who should not read Retirement@26 book

1. Who always like cold and stale food?

2. Who annoyed by clean water and do not like to shower


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Ajay Saxena’s vision 2116, just one more century.

What a wonderful scenario of 2116?

1. Most of us who are positive minded; will see our fourth generation than.
2. They after growing primary years with us up to their pre-teens will migrate to several of other planets discovered by us and developed by our third generation.
3. The height of sustainable process and systems are that that we at average 150 years of age stop consuming and wasting energy and live in mental state of supreme awareness. (No mobile handsets there)

What will India be like in 2030?

With almost 900 million active brains driven by immense positivity, we will care for 300 million senior citizens in supreme luxury.

That’s why they nurture us; there should not be any compulsion to make our kid slave of someone else. Why not could kids care their own parents?
These parents are the biggest employer upon earth. No unemployment for centuries ahead.

My Vision of the world 2024

My Vision of the world 2024
Every kid born on the surface of the earth will be exposed to more than 400 living things within 100 steps of his birthplace before the fourth birthday.
After attaining the age of five-year; children live with one of the experts of 4000 live things, till his or her curiosity quenched completely.
After attaining the age of sixteen they volunteer at the most six different trades of life for 365 days.


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