Ajay Saxena’s vision 2116, just one more century.

What a wonderful scenario of 2116?

1. Most of us who are positive minded; will see our fourth generation than.
2. They after growing primary years with us up to their pre-teens will migrate to several of other planets discovered by us and developed by our third generation.
3. The height of sustainable process and systems are that that we at average 150 years of age stop consuming and wasting energy and live in mental state of supreme awareness. (No mobile handsets there)
4. All the physical requirements are not the concern of anyone living upon planet earth. But space travel physically, mentally or via interactive simulators become fade of the era
5. Wave generators of toy size replace Warheads, guns for 4 dimensional simulators.
6. Money from the system of transaction slips to a new type of human base currency.
7. Neither credit nor debit system of accounting retain any follower of the system.
8. Kids will become so smart by their mid teens that they start space travel on their own without help of their parents.
9. Roads, bridges, bulldozer, ox, tractor and trains will be shown in the museums to our third generation.
10. Courts, hospitals, universities, dams, reservoirs, malls become matter of archaeological importance.
11. Fuel engines will be matter of antiquity.
12. Gods, religion, reservation, poverty, passport, visa and parliaments will become the topic of negative mind people’s research thesis.

Conceive, visualize your Big Hairy Audacious Goal(BAG) and move ahead.

Best of journey.
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