What will India be like in 2030?

With almost 900 million active brains driven by immense positivity, we will care for 300 million senior citizens in supreme luxury.

That’s why they nurture us; there should not be any compulsion to make our kid slave of someone else. Why not could kids care their own parents?
These parents are the biggest employer upon earth. No unemployment for centuries ahead.

Virtually all the problems like debt, unemployment, sickness, theft, kidnapping, pollution, road accident, dowry, corruption will disappear (due to our consistent 15 years efforts) from the society just like horns from the donkey’s head.

Our brothers and sisters will help other nations in the eradication of challenges; of their society.

Passport, visa, license, ration card, voter card, will become articles of the museum.

Paper, pen, and school bag will also find the place in museums.

Components of surface transport such as road, tire, petrol pump, JCB will also find their place in museums.

We would have more senior citizens in jubilant physique than any other nation’s youth population. (Except China)

The challenge emerges for further evolution in next decade of few air crashes; which will be there to mourn nationally.

For our naysayer fellows here is a quote please read and comment.

Whether you think you can or you can't, either way, you are right.
Henry Ford

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