Retirement@26 By Ajay Saxena

Who should read “Retirement@26” book

1. It is for Failures who had ever confronted accident, debt, disease, Dahej, dilemma or anxiety.

2. It is also for those who want to do something really good and bigger for themselves

3. Who want to enjoy prosperous family life?

4. Who want to become foundation for the better society?

5. Who want to achieve self growth via progress of their mother-land?

Who should not read Retirement@26 book

1. Who always like cold and stale food?

2. Who annoyed by clean water and do not like to shower

3. Who always prefer and enjoy rush, long waiting queue and crowded spaces

4. Who never failed?

5. Who never faced uneasiness of unemployment?

6. Who never seen or suffered any sickness.

7. Who did not suffered or faced debt in their life

8. Who never observed or faced any accident

9. Who never suffered from confusion or anxiety?

10. Who is annoyed by; progress of self, homeland, nation and humanity.

Find answers of

How to retire @26

Why one should retire @26

When to start focusing for retirement@26

Where one should live to retire@26

What is the meaning of retirement@26?

Who can retire @26?

This is the only book; that offers complete liberty; from working for someone else, in entire life after 26.

The first book which describes; how to get retire at 26 year of the age; what does it mean to you is, follow the path and liberate from the working after 26 for rest of the life.

The original invention of this millennium; which ensures after 26 you will never have to; migrate from your district; in search of dignified job, employment or business.

Express your fantasy, and dream; about retirement here

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