Telecommunication services; telecommunications routing and junction services; information about telecommunication; communications by telegram; videoconferencing services


Advertising, marketing and promotional services, on-line advertising on a computer network, marketing, trade show and exhibition services, marketing and promotional material, import-export agencies, retail and wholesale services, market research, professional business consultancy, cost price analysis, commercial information and advice for consumers, commercial trading and consumer information services, providing business information via a web site

Is our option?

1. Better house, electricity, flowing water, Speedier internet or

2. Inventory Finance or

क्रिक १० Kriktenian®

Website design and development services, Mobile application designing and development, design and development of computer hardware and software.

गिफ्टोरिअम Giftoriam®

Retail and whole sale of anniversary gifts, gift able goods, services, gift card and coupon facilities - See more at:


Online retail, wholesale and export service connected with the sale of the products like consumer durable, household items through an online platform like website and mobile app. Providing comparison, evaluation, feedback and ratings for view and purchase though an online database, website and mobile application. Online retail, wholesale and export service connected with the sale of the products available in physical stockyard; mainly consumer durables.

1. Birth finance
2. Business finance
3. Crop finance
4. Education finance
5. Franchise finance
6. Shaadi finance
7. Travel finance

Contract Allocators of India Organization for the wellbeing of ethical contractors and owners -Accreditation

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for taking advance payments of your services from your clients.
You have to give references of your Most Regular Clients, Financial Achievements.
After cross verification you will get a web link (badge) you can show on your Letterhead, email and website proudly.

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