Today’s agenda

Are the tasks on today’s agenda worthy of our life?

Am I sure today; not committing CRIME of Carrying Relatively Insignificant Mission every day?

We cannot control contour of our face but we can control it’s expressions.

We cannot control the weather but we can control the atmosphere of our mind.

There is never a bad weather but bad clothing; which is entirely in our control.

We have brain in our head
We have feet in our shoes
We can navigate ourselves
In any direction we choose

Be not afraid going slowly; but only afraid of standing still.

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago…. The second best time is today.

Take a concrete step towards an important goal today.

Improve your efficacy, day by day; so you can become someone, who adds substantial value in people’s lives and impact your society positively.

We can do anything but we can’t do everything
Jack of few trade, focused on one; will win the race.