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Bring back; Sone Ki Chidiya Era, in our home

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Few century before birth of Christ India's economy had more than 50% share of world income, in contrast of today’s 62 people own as much as the poorest half of the world's population
But now according to Global Wealth Data book 2014 more than 90% of adults in Africa and 94% in India own less than $ 10, 000.

Out of 182,000 total; 61,000 millionaires shifted base to abroad from India in last 14 years; meaning $ 61 billion gone from this country in new century only.

More than One third millionaire choose to leave the nation is not brain drain but Dignity Drain of the nation

According to economic historian Angus Maddison in his book “The World Economy: A Millennial Perspective”, India was the richest country in the world and had the world's largest economy until 17th century AD.

The gross domestic product of India in the 16th century was estimated at about 25.1% of the world economy. An estimate of India's pre-colonial economy puts the annual revenue of Emperor Akbar's treasury in 1600 AD at £17.5 million (in contrast to the entire treasury of Great Britain two hundred years later in 1800 AD, which totaled £16 million).

Currently we are contributing $1 875 213 Millions towards global GDP $72 689 734 Millions meaning 2.5% in year 2013
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I born where 1/4th world population harmoniously evolved in less than 1% of earth’s surface. A country of highest mountains, magnificent climate, rich culture, diverse languages and deep-rooted values but in family of a great statistician who created measuring systems for potential revenue generation of the Mughal Empire; at a time when there is no Spreadsheet, the internet, satellite or Google earth/map invented (But because of my family’s this utterly selfish act; our nation faced slavery of more than 240 years).

Way back of this greatness in the era of Indus Valley Civilization our families enjoyed swimming pool.

My inspiration

Shrimadbhagwadgita Shlok! 3-14!

Annadbhavanti Bhutani, Parjanyadannsambhavahh!
Yagyadbhavati Parjanyo, Yagyahh Karmasamudbavahh!!

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Currently, I am working on these questions
1. How and why Indus Valley Civilization was developed?
2. How trade developed in Indus Valley Civilization?
3. How traders of Indus Valley Civilization advertised their merchandise?
4. What were the causes of the collapse of Indus Valley Civilization?
5. Who were responsible for the collapse of Indus Valley Civilization?
6. Why trade corridor of Indus Valley Civilization collapsed?
7. How trade corridor of Indus Valley Civilization collapsed?
8. How much did time take by Indus Valley Civilization beginning to end?
9. Rope invented when, where and why?

10. What would in exchange of horse; nomad/pirate need, to conclude any trade?
11. If horse domesticated in 6000 BC then how Ashwamedh Yagya could be done before that?

12. What wood was most preferred for making of Dhanush?
13. Was Dhanush meant for the army of horse rider or ground soldiers?
14. Was Spear meant for the army of horse rider or ground soldiers?

15. What was the use of buttons in Indus valley civilization?
16. Are there any findings of this?
17. Stitching of Salwar Kaamij and Western Suit started by whom and where?

18. What was the value of precisions stones in barter exchange of trade?
19. What differentiate a pirate from a nomad?