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Eco Money
To empower citizens for sustainability of; humanity and human habitat by ecological enlightenment.

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Eco Money:

To empower citizens for sustainability of; humanity and human habitat by ecological enlightenment.

Today two types of money predominates economy.
One is hard money. (Labor or employee)
Second is soft money. (Entrepreneur, self employed professional/contractor etc)

To earn first type of money physical labour in terms of time and performance is necessary.

My Vision of the world 2024

My Vision of the world 2024
Every kid born on the surface of the earth will be exposed to more than 400 living things within 100 steps of his birthplace before the fourth birthday.
After attaining the age of five-year; children live with one of the experts of 4000 live things, till his or her curiosity quenched completely.
After attaining the age of sixteen they volunteer at the most six different trades of life for 365 days.

What will India be like in 2030?

With almost 900 million active brains driven by immense positivity, we will care for 300 million senior citizens in supreme luxury.

That’s why they nurture us; there should not be any compulsion to make our kid slave of someone else. Why not could kids care their own parents?
These parents are the biggest employer upon earth. No unemployment for centuries ahead.

Ajay Saxena’s vision 2116, just one more century.

What a wonderful scenario of 2116?

1. Most of us who are positive minded; will see our fourth generation than.
2. They after growing primary years with us up to their pre-teens will migrate to several of other planets discovered by us and developed by our third generation.
3. The height of sustainable process and systems are that that we at average 150 years of age stop consuming and wasting energy and live in mental state of supreme awareness. (No mobile handsets there)

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