हर भारतीय के देखने लायक वीडियो

Every Indian student must see this video

Every Indian professional, must analyze this video

Every Indian politician must see this video

Every Indian adult

Every Indian adult
Visit Wealth Simulator

The mouth of an adult contains 32 teeth around one tongue
Our nation contains 85 cror adults In 32 Lac Square Kilometre
Simulator is a machine for training adults to fly aircraft
the simulators substantially reduce risks by replication of real life situations
To become good pilot practice in Simulator is compulsory

from nature, Getting wealth equates, becoming successful pilot; without practicing in a simulator.

Last year we faced Nature’s outrage Inflation of gas, electrify
Gold 22800 per gram or Rs. 28 lac per kilogram
Electricity @rs2.5 per unit?
Water @10 paisa per litre

Eco is the combination of time+Nature and surrounding situations
Nature had given in last 365 days to each adult capturable
Sun energy 10 lac unit
10 lac unit X 2.5= Rs.25 lac
water 30 lac litre
30 lac X 10 paisa per litre =Rs.3 lac
In other words

Nature sent to each adult
Pure gold bricks of one kilogram
Via sunshine and rain to
Every Indian adult
Nature still giving sunshine
Will also give rain

But the question is
How we employ them?
To convert situation, into physical success
Eco awareness is necessary

We know a simulator can reduce risk
For our success
We have to practice; in a simulator
We can practice free, from home
By smart phone or internet

Successful practitioner wins
Rs. 562 worth book


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