My Vision of the world 2024

My Vision of the world 2024
Every kid born on the surface of the earth will be exposed to more than 400 living things within 100 steps of his birthplace before the fourth birthday.
After attaining the age of five-year; children live with one of the experts of 4000 live things, till his or her curiosity quenched completely.
After attaining the age of sixteen they volunteer at the most six different trades of life for 365 days.
After achieving the age of seventeen every one of them gets opportunity to work apprentice in lieu of food and shelter exposed to use their brain for earning incentives to the tune of a million plus.
In the age group of 19 to 21, they have to do in their chosen career to become half owner of a new home by their twenty-first birthday.
In their twenty-second year of life, they marry and become the proud owner of their new EecoGhar. By the age of 26 parenting, their kids they retire from whatever they are working.
Because whatever they need in their subsequent life is produced in their EecoGhar itself.
Whatever more they need is just the matter of barter of their surplus produce or selling their ability online for some needy one.
Fruits, cheese, and butter became the staple food of majority of the population.
After the age of 26, the time of these retired folk spends in their personal swimming pool, theater, orchard, sports field, auditorium, laboratory, Sanskriti Park or in the air travel.
Neither any road accident anymore nor drudgery/cooligiri of any type except lifting spouse or kid in the arms; rest all taken care by the robotic drones.
All the travel and transport only via aircrafts.
Every family has access to high-speed Wi-Fi and every nook and square has high-definition CCTV camera recording any activity of everything.
Because of this crime, prison and court become irrelevant from the society.
The only folks living upon the crime are psychotherapists and conflict resolvers in their offices talking and counseling online, with their clients.
The only punishment for any crime is online boycott from the habitat; till culprit resolve the issue with the help of conflict resolvers and granted clemency by their victim.
Nowhere have you stumbled upon any kind of paper, polyethylene, pollution, tire, fume, accident or natural calamities.
Peace is so rampant that vibrations above 60 decibels are only you can here at Sanskriti parks.
At every family level, there is neither any paucity of food, water, energy, education, entertainment nor any threat of natural calamity, pest or predator.
Science and technology evolved such a level, where every such thing is preannounced just like our reach and the exact moment of touching the Mars by us and Taken care by the Sanskriti parks of respective habitat.
Predator and pests are rampant beyond human habitats isolated by the laser beam and radio waves.
Any mutual intrusion triggers multiple attacks of light, sound, compressed air and water jets enough to deter even a dinosaur.
Weapons, wars, crime, court, church, and temples become irrelevant and the piece of archeology.
India hosts the 2024 Summer Olympics and won all golds except fencing, wrestling, shooting, boxing, judo, taekwondo and Canoe.
What will India be like in 2030?
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